We have loaded 1600 tons of mixed vegetable oil from Evyap, Derince, Turkey to Port Klang, Malaysia safely and M/T TRF KIRKENES is on the way to Malaysia. We have loaded 1 low-bed truck with wastewater treatment system and accessories from Doetinchem, Netherlands to Corlu, Tekirdag for our client UNILEVER TURKEY. There will more equipments which will be deliver during in April 2019.  continue reading →


2 Grabs delivery fm ISTANBUL TR to MARGHERA, IT completed successfully in January 2019. Necessary cargo controls completed at plant, road permissions received at both ends, TR and IT. We have used RORO service between Pendik port, Istanbul > Trieste Port and get all approvals before delivery. And the result ; everyone especially customer is satisfied for our service. Pls welcome any time, if you would like to get boutique freight forwarding service in Turkey.continue reading →

New board member of UTIKAD

Mr Cihan Ozkal elected to board of members of UTIKAD (FIATA representative association in Turkey) on 24/11/2018. UTİKAD (Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers) in Turkey, was founded in 1986. Being an association, it has some 450 members which are competent forwarding and logistics companies. Amongst the member forwarders, the companies are specialized putting emphasis in certain modes of transportation, namely road, air, ocean freight, railway and increasingly in all modes of transportation, the so called multimodal transportation. UTIKAD is also instrumental in representing Turkish freight forwarding and logistics industry on…continue reading →


Chamber of Shipping elections are done on 8th of April 2018 and Mr Cihan Ozkal(Armada Shipping Logistics Services Limited Company) is now member of 37th committee(Chartering & Brokering) and representing UTIKAD in Turkey Chamber of Shipping.continue reading →


We have participated WCA WORLDWIDE SINGAPORE between 9-13 February network meeting with our Sale Team (Mr. Koray Ercan, Mr. Evren Yucal, Mr Cihan Ozkal). We met new agencies and new friends And had wonderful time there. This year, we had our own booth E11 and it was popular among agents because of famous delicious taste and smell of Turkish coffiee and Turkish hospitality..continue reading →


We have just joined new freight forwarding network; GLOBALIA and ARMADA LOGISTICS family is happy to become exclusive agent in ISTANBUL. Now we are GLB ISTANBUL agent. It is a new network but representing in 56 countries and growing day by day. You can visit for detailed info.continue reading →

Special Transportation for LASER CNC MACHINES

We have handled LASER CNC MACHINES and loaded 2 Low Bed trucks and 3 standard trucks after fair on 20/10/2016 in TUYAP, ISTANBUL. CNC MACHINES loaded and fitted safely back to client. Our staff follow up operation whole day successfully.continue reading →

Our company WCA International member ID: 72529 and having Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan:

The Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program gives members security in case of non-payment from another WCA member for up to USD 100,000. This security structure provides members with a safety net and permits all members to work with one another with peace of mind and complete financial security. It is not a credit facility. Every enrolled member office in all WCA networks is covered by Gold Medallion. In the case of transactions between members of the same network (eg WCA First to WCA First, or WCA China Global to WCA China Global), the…continue reading →

FIATA Diploma Training:

Our FIATA Diploma programme started and we also partcipate to this training. It is started 03/10/2016 and will end 18/6/2016. We will keep on supporting this programme and will send our staff for these trainings. FIATA Diploma Training, organized with the cooperation of the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU).continue reading →

Armada Insurance Service

We can arrange insurance policies for exporters and importers cargoes all over the World. We can offer insurance policies with fast and reasonable premiums on behalf of FP MARINE RISK LIMITED, UK.continue reading →